Forshpil — Yiddish psychedelic rock.


In the United Nations of World Music Forshpil represents Yiddishland, a legendary country where shtetl musicians play electric guitars along with fiddles, while traditional Yiddish ballads are as popular as rock anthems. Forshpil emerged on this planet in 2003 in Riga, Latvia. Since then the band has been committed to studying, preserving and creating traditional Yiddish culture. Led by singer Sasha Lurje and keyboardist/arranger Ilya Shneyveys, Forshpil has traveled all over Europe and North America playing and teaching at major Jewish and world music events. 
Forshpil re-energizes traditional Yiddish songs, Hassidic nigunim and klezmer tunes with modern rhythms, harmonies and instruments. Age-old songs of love and despair induce themselves with psychedelic rock, funk, jazz and other addictive substances. Deeply rooted in tradition, this unlikely fusion feels weirdly authentic. If Pink Floyd and The Doors had ever jammed together at a Jewish wedding it would have sounded like this! 

Sasha Lurje - voice
Ilya Shneyveys - keyboards
Mitia Khramtsov - violin
Roman Shinder - guitar
Zheka Lizin - drums