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Bonner Klezmertage 2015

After the Winter break we're ready to welcome Spring again with a concert on March 13 at the Bonner Klezmertage. See you in Bonn!


Summer of festivals and New Yiddish Music! 

We are honored to be welcomed back to Yiddish Summer Weimar where we are going to teach, perform and meet old and new friends! The topic of this year's festival is New Yiddish Music. We are looking forward to investigating it with inspiring colleagues and workshop participants! Don't postpone your applications: come join the wonderful workshops!

Also, we are looking forward to our tour in Canada - more info to follow!


 Celebrating the end of winter!

The winter is still at its peak, but we are getting ready to celebrate its end by playing two shows in Germany – 27.02 in Berlin and 3.03 in Fürth. Looking forward to seeing you there. Meanwhile enjoy the snow!



We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary @ Festival PORTA

Forshpil’s 10-year anniversary at festival PORTA. The band’s first ever performance took place on November 9, 2003. Since then the line-up and sound have been constantly changing, but the close ties with Jewish tradition have remained clearly audible. The anniversary concert will feature friends of the band and former compatriots on their journey of musical adventure.



Back in Riga! 

After the busy summer we are coming back home for a short visit with a new creative project. We created music for a theatre piece that will premierre in Riga on October 16! Come join us! Tickets available here!




CD premiere in Berlin

On August 29th Forshpil will perform in Berlin Jewish museum as part of the Kultursommer 2013 program. Come whitness the Berlin premiere of the new CD!




In the Summer 2013 we're @ Yiddish Summer Weimar

Yiddish Summer Weimar is a wonderful festival with intense workshops, fascinating concerts, exciting dance parties and all-including jam sessions. This year it's focusing on New Yiddish music and we are happy to be teaching and performing at this great event. So, we'd like to encourage you to register for music and dance workshops and Yiddish language classes, or just come to Weimar to enjoy New Yiddish Music concert series and the beauty of this historical city. See you there!



28.02 - CD release party!

On 28.02 (at 19:30 sharp) we proudly (and officially) present our new CD to the most lovely and supportive audience (that means YOU) at our favourite spot in Riga - Artelis (Blaumana 32).

We'll play the songs from the new CD as well as some very new songs (probably from the next CD) with a new line-up. Also, there are some very special guests to be expected. As well as some other surprises - make sure to come and see for yourself! 

Tickets can be purchased here: (search: FORSHPIL)

Click the poster for more info: 























Happy new year!

Dear friends! What an amazing and exciting year that was! We finally (not without with your help) recorded and released our first solo album, played some great shows and traveled the world a lot playing, teaching and learning.  

Unfortunately we also had to say goodbye to our long-time guitarist Aleksandr Aleksandrov, but we do wish him (and all of you guys) a happy and prosperous new year with lots of love and creativity! 

Stay tuned for more news and updates on our line-up and upcoming shows next year. 

A gut yor!





The CD is ready!!!

We are happy to announce that the CDs have finally arrived! They look and sound great and very soon will be available for purchase online and, of course, at our coming up concerts! 


More info




Still working...

Dear friends! After a wonderful summer, full of festivals and new music (including the new Babel project with musicians from the Swiss-Italian early Jewish music Ensemble Lucidarium) we got back to working on the new CD that will come out very soon!   

But for now - here are some previews of the songs from the new album: 







First stage of the new CD recording is over!

From May 14 through May 18th the whole band spent days and nights at Sound Division Studios recording our first solo album. There is still much work to do, but the CD is looking great already! We want to thank everybody who helped us in this process and supported our fundrasing campaign! 

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Support FORSHPIL CD recording!

In May, 2012, we are going into a studio to record an album with our take on Yiddish music. For that we need at least $7000: recording, mixing, design, producing the CD, etc. So, we are turning to you, our friends, for support! You can find our fundraising campaign here: 

You can also help by spreading the word about this! Share it on your favourite social networks, blogs and mailing lists, tell about it to your friends, parents, lovers and enemies - so they can proudly say they helped FORSHPIL create a new sound of Yiddish music!

For more information go here!